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Phones that support wireless charging have been around for quite sometime but the tech per say is yet to become main stream. When this yea, Apple announced that its latest iteration of phone will support Qi charging, I was hopeful that the other me too brands will not remain far behind. While that still remains to be happen. The other missing piece has been the lack of trusted brands offering wireless chargers. Belkin seems to have come to the rescue by offering one interesting option.

The device

The Qi Wireless charger from Belkin is absolutely no frills attached device. It is a light weight device that looks like a spherical disc. It is an elegant looking device. The box also contains a cable, I personally would have wished to have a power plug also with it but that used my iPhone plug and it seemed to be working fine with it.

Belkin wireless charger can supply up to fifteen watts of power to the phone and as per the company that enables the device to fast charge the phones. Belkin also says that it can charge through cases up to three millimetres thick, which is a something that I could not check in the limited time I had with the charger.

Connecting the charger into the wireless pad was slightly tough but once you have the all the nuts and bolts in place, it is pretty straight forward. You get to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging. It comes at a price tag of Rs 2,999, which I feel is not too steep given the other options in the market.

Wish I had more devices to test out with this product but so far this is all that is there.