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In the past couple of years bokeh camera feature has gained much traction so much so that people ask if the camera o a certain smartphone has this feature before buying a device. But sadly this feature has been limited to certain high end devices and the alleged flagship killers such as One Plus and a Huawei device.

But it seems that is going to change soon as smartphone makers are now looking at getting this feature in mid price segments as well. So one can expect dual-camera system setups to be more widely available in the lower price points. As per rumours, Samsung will be bring this feature to mid-range and entry-level handsets really soon.

For now we dont have the specifics on which models or series will be getting this feature or by when but we sure are excited about this development.

We think with Samsung dipping its feet in this water in a big way will force many other smartphone makers including Indian brands to get into the space real soon. Sure there are some Indian brands that have already tried to incorporate this feature in their flagship models but with limited success. At AIGL feels that it is now time that this technology will not just get on more devices but even the quality of the effect will improve significantly.

What is your take on the same. Do let us know via comments and suggestions. Will love to hear your feedback.

Pic Courtesy : Befunky blog